Consumer Reports Ranks Lemon Eucalyptus as one of “The Most Effective Insect Repellents”

In March 2016, Consumer Reports published “The Most Effective Inset Repellent” article in which Lemon of Eucalytus ranked among the top mosquito repellent ingredients.


To find the most effective mosquito repellents, we tested products containing deet or a chemical called IR3535, as well as those containing two plantlike, but chemically synthesized, ingredients: lemon eucalyptus and picaridin. We also looked at repellents made with natural plant oils, such as geraniol, castor oil, soybean oil, citronella, and rosemary.


You can fine the full report here – The Most Effective Insect Repellents.  Here is the Inset Repellent Ratings Guide

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